The Agriculture Act 2020 (New Agricultural Policy)

By: agxioai_admin | 11 Nov 2020

Following the UK leaving the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in January 2021, The Agricultural Act provides the new legislative framework for replacement agricultural support schemes. The Act provides powers to implement new approaches to farm payments and land management. From 2021, the current Basic Payment Scheme and Direct Payments will begin to be phased out. In England, farmers will be paid under a new Environmental Land Management Scheme to produce ‘public goods’ such as environmental and animal welfare improvements. The scheme will involve three options: The Sustainable Farming Incentive, Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery. National pilots of all three components have started in 2021, with the Sustainable Farming Incentive among the first to be rolled out in late 2021.

Follow the link below for further information:
Agriculture Act 2020

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