Farmer looking down at a clipboard while standing in a cattle shed, while utilising data analytics to enhance animal management
Livestock health and performance can be improved through the use of novel technologies such as GPS tags and accelerometers attached to the animal to monitor health and alert pre-emptive signs of disease. Sensors placed directly in livestock buildings can analyse conditions to help manage and maintain optimum environments. Crop health can be assessed through sensors and drone image capture, allowing the farmer to monitor disease risk and plant health to effectively increase yields.

Novel Monitoring Technology

Livestock health and behaviour can be tracked using GPS and accelerometer technology attached directly to the animal using collars or tags, while crop health can be monitored with drone imagery analytics and field sensors.

Improved Animal Health

Advances in animal monitoring enable animal health and behaviour to be analysed continuously in real-time to ensure that poor health, illness or disease are quickly diagnosed and resolved.

Enhanced Welfare

Closely monitoring animal health using collars with smart interpretation of data using artificial intelligence enables real-time monitoring of livestock. Alerts are sent to the farmer to resolve any problems, ultimately improving welfare with improved management.

Pre-emptive Disease Detection

Real-time monitoring can detect early symptoms of livestock illness through analysing patterns of movement and behaviour. Crop disease can be detected through sensor monitoring of symptomatic environmental conditions or through detailed drone image analysis.

Maximised Performance

Improved health of both livestock and crops ensures optimal performance and growth, translating into enhanced farm production.

Intuitive Sensor Intelligence

Sensors can be placed in environments or directly onto an animal to transmit data automatically. This data is then interpreted through machine learning platforms to provide effortless, intelligent insights into plant and animal health.

Machine Learning Analytics

Artificial intelligence and applied machine learning optimise data interpretation from sensors, translating thousands of data points into a readable, informative structure that gives value-add management insights for farmers.

High Yielding Crops

Increase production and enhance harvests through improved plant health and nutrient management. Sensor monitoring and analytics allow farmers to assess growing conditions while drone imagery enables targeted action on nutrient and pesticide applications.

Management Tools

Machine learning platforms provide advanced management tools such as intelligent data, monitoring and alerts for farmers to easily promote and improve livestock and crop health at the touch of a button.

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