Human hand touches a symbol representing light in a vertical farm.
Machine learning and sensor technology allows real-time observations of plant health, environments and nutrient availability. Using sensor technology and applied intelligence, both indoor and outdoor conditions can be assessed, regulated and modified accordingly to protect crops and create optimal growing environments while reducing the need for inputs of fertiliser and pesticides. Analysis takes a matter of seconds, reducing workload and saving costs to ultimately enhance harvest yields.

Remote Monitoring

Producers can remotely monitor their crops and the environment using sensor technology, even whilst off site. They can then automatically adjust nutrient availability, and measure critical environmental conditions to maximise yield.

Optimised growing conditions

Employing artificial intelligence we can detect different environmental conditions and crop health and adjust levels accordingly to achieve optimal growing conditions.

Reduced costs

Constant environmental analytics beyond human scale allows us to identify and predict target levels to optimise growing conditions and product yield, whilst maximising cost-effective strategies.

Improved time management

Increasing usage of remote monitoring and artificial intelligence, producers can make quick and intuitive decisions, reducing the need to physically monitor crops and the environment and increase time for other farm duties and decisions.

Informed business decision

Machine learning and applied intelligence means producers can make informed decisions based on real-time data analysis.

Safeguard future crops

Producers can look towards safeguarding their future crops using prediction models and machine learning to accurately analyse and identify potential risk factors and enhance future management decisions.

Food Security

Constant monitoring of crops and harvests enables producers to detect early signs of disease and prevent major outbreaks of disease.

Field Mapping and Analytics

Drone technology can capture images of farmland habitats and provide insightful information on current land and crop health as well as biosecurity and risk management.

Improved Plant Health

Enhanced sensor intelligence to monitor and analyse crop health enables early identification and consequently provide quick intervention to reduce risk of spread.

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