A section of field is analysed for plant health using drone field mapping technology.
Creating optimal growing conditions for crops is vital in ensuring high yields and successful harvests. With drone technology and applied machine learning, crops can be analysed in real-time to identify and target challenges such as poor plant health, disease and nutrient availability.

Advanced Drone Technology

Forward-thinking drone technology enables detailed image capture of crop health, nutritional status, pest and disease risk. This enables the farmer to take fast, targeted action to resolve any issues and maintain maximum plant health.

Applied Machine Learning

Utilise artificial intelligence to analyse drone imagery to give value-added insights into crop health, disease risk, yield and growth rates, enabling informed decisions on nutrient and pesticide management to be made.

Field Mapping and Scouting

Detailed mapping and crop scouting can be undertaken using drone technology, ensuring full field coverage through the fast monitoring and analysis of crops in real-time.

Real-Time Analysis

Modern drone technology allows the rapid, real-time analysis of crops over large areas of land, saving time for the farmer and ensuring that all areas of the field are monitored thoroughly.

Improved Plant Health

One of the major challenges of arable farming is poor plant health. With drone imagery, crops can be monitored in real-time, enabling fast action to be taken on pests, nutrient and water availability to ensure optimal plant health.

Reduced Disease Risk

Large areas of crops can be monitored in real-time through detailed imagery analysis, enabling fast action to be taken on disease and pests with targeted application of pesticides using drones.

Targeted Action

Drones are capable of analysing fields of crops and intelligently responding to problems such as pests, disease or low nutrient areas of soil through remote, targeted application of pesticides and fertiliser.

Sustainable Use of Inputs

Innovative field mapping and analysis techniques allow the sustainable use of inputs such as pesticides and fertiliser with targeted plant action, while significantly improving yield, soil health, farmland biodiversity and environmental conditions.

Infinite Potential for Expansion

Offering real-world solutions, field mapping and analytics have the capacity for global agricultural applications including improved economics, sustainability, yield enhancement and disease control.

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