Representation of sustainable development with an image of countryside in the background.
Understanding the effects that different environmental factors have on both livestock and crop health is critical to optimise production. With increased assistance from applied intelligence and machine learning, researchers can continue to grow our knowledge to facilitate in management decisions and improve overall sustainability.

Environmental Monitoring

Improved application of sensor technology and analytics allows for greater environmental monitoring and surveillance to identify threshold levels that are indicative of disease.


Environmental monitoring and surveillance allows researchers to explore varying conditions to optimise conditions, improving performance and the economic viability of the business

Livestock and Crop Health

With sensor data and smart analytics, suitable measures can be safeguarded to assure good environmental management.

Informed Business Decisions

Data analysis of environmental conditions allows researchers to optimise conditions, with costs in mind, and provide integral information to increase economic viability.

Improved Production

Improving production efficiencies can be achieved by basic changes to environmental conditions to optimise animal and crop health and enhance business viability.

Knowledge Transfer

We can apply newly ascertained insight of biodiversity's and farmland habitats to multiple situations to optimise production and increase product yield.

Deep Learning

Knowledge engineering allows researchers to ascertain information beyond human abilities to enhance current insights and improve overall farm management.

Economic Viability

Researchers can assist producers in making critical business decisions through strategic analysis of environmental conditions to optimise profit.

Smart Sensor Deployment

Reduce the need for human interventions and valuable time with smart sensors collecting real-time data of environmental conditions.

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