A graphic displaying the main elements of the Agxio Mercury platform, including data analysis, machine learning, AI and sensor analytics.
Mercury utilises applied machine-learning to offer real-world solutions to traditional farming and closed environment agriculture businesses. The platform ingests sensor data with the use of monitoring and analytics to create intelligent solutions to challenging problems within a matter of minutes. Sensor intelligence is at the core of this system, tracking and analysing real-time data to solve farm-scale issues in land and livestock management, sustainability and farm business efficiency.

Modern Agriculture

Mercury solves conventional challenges in traditional and controlled agriculture by ingesting data to provide insightful solutions to monitor environmental conditions and improve animal and crop health.

Machine Learning

Our platform is embedded with machine learning algorithms to analyse data quickly, greatly reducing time spent by the producer to enable effective decision making for a productive, successful business.

Sensor Data

The platform synthesises monitoring and analytics to interpret sensor data and offer intelligent insights. Easily integrated, Mercury can effortlessly merge with any current system to realise solutions at a farm or field level.

Intelligent Solutions

Working intuitively, Mercury creates intelligent outcomes to the challenges faced by businesses in traditional farming to create better decision outcomes through the season.

Intuitive Technology

Mercury was built to be user-friendly and intuitive. Users do not have to have specialist knowledge of sensors, AI or data science to use the platform. You focus on the problem. We focus on the science.

Endlessly Adaptable

The complex machine learning technology embedded within Mercury architecture is easily scalable and can be utilised and adapted to integrate into any current and future system, ensuring a future-proof business.

Command Centre

Effectively manage all aspects of a farm business through the Mercury command centre. The platform offers endless insights into sensor values alongside livestock, crop, environment and energy applications.

Livestock & Arable Applications

Utilise intelligent analysis of livestock health through real-time sensor monitoring, improving management and welfare. Growing conditions and soil health can be analysed by field sensors, offering innovative solutions for improved yields.

Controlled Environments

Be at the forefront of controlled environment agriculture through the use of advanced deep learning technology and sensor analytics to command and control environments to maintain optimal conditions for plant and livestock health.

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