Drone hovering over grass filled field whilst sprayers spray the field with pesticides
Zeus utilises cutting edge drone technology and integrated machine learning to enable producers to enhance decision-making in precision agriculture. The platform applies world-leading field mapping and scouting technology to analyse and monitor crops in real-time, with the use of detailed image capturing and intelligent data collection. Producers can comprehensively monitor plant health, diseases and pests to make effective, competitive decisions to safeguard and maximise crop yields.

Drone Technology

Zeus incorporates multispectral drone technology to enhance real-time collection of field data using image capture and precise location data. This data is intelligently analysed to undertake field scanning and crop scouting.

Field Mapping

A first-class interface encompassing full field coverage and intelligent monitoring for comprehensive plant health applications. In-depth field scanning enables concurrent management and monitoring of crop health.

Applied Machine Learning

Zeus utilises machine learning to analyse images, providing real-time insights into plant health. With an in-season knowledge base, Zeus can enhance farm business decisions that protect yields and safeguard future cropping.

Global Commercial Applications

The platform enables real-world solutions with global applications across the arable supply chain, providing efficient, intelligent machine learning insights that advance economic applications across the industry.

Applied Intelligence

Image capture and data collection via drones is capitalised through Zeus, utilising machine learning techniques and the use of proprietary algorithms enabling inclusive management decisions to be made at a real farm scale.

Crop Disease Surveillance

Detailed drone image capture enables accurate plant health and leaf analysis to detect disease outbreaks efficiently. Targeted action can be taken through aerial spraying on the affected plants, eliminating the need for blanket treatments.

Optimised Time Management

Manual crop inspection, fertiliser and pesticide application can take significant amounts of time. Optimise time management by utilising drone crop surveillance and target applications of chemicals with remote spraying.


The Zeus platform encompasses endless value-add opportunities in precision agriculture at a real farm scale, integrating a dynamic and scalable technology architecture, with infinite adaptive potential.

User Friendly Interface

Commercial and economic decisions can be made at the touch of a button with Zeus. Seamless control of multiple parameters is possible, enabling field boundaries to be mapped and detailed field and crop scouting to be viewed.

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