The Future of Biotech

Biotechnology is constantly evolving and advancing throughout agriculture, animal science, and environmental science. The utilisation and development of novel biotechnology is critical to ensure industries can continue and thrive despite growing consumer demands and increasing production costs and requirements. It can increase productivity and efficiencies by decreasing time constraints and increasing analytical capabilitiesfacilitating in reaching optimum conditions across multiple agricultural sectors. 

Microbiome Analysis

Microbiome Analysis Powered by Rules Based Analytics

Rules-based analytics can allow us to critically analyse microbiome samples within seconds. By ascertaining crucial information that is directly linked to your animal’s health and performance, we can expand our knowledge, and  achieve optimum levels in production and ultimately improve animal health and performance.

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Automated Classification Beyond Human Scale

Automated image and video classification work beyond human capabilities, capturing and analysing parasite images and videos within seconds. Ultimately saving time and costs, whilst helping to reduce the risk of spread and infection of disease.  

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A professional holds the vast potential of artificial intelligence in their hand.

Novel Drug Design & Discovery

Applied Intelligence and Prediction models to solve Real World Problems

Optimising research capabilities of new drugs to fight against pathogens is critical to enhance our chances of reducing risk of disease. By applying machine learning we can operate beyond human scale to generate accurate prediction models, and analytics to solve real-world problems to enhance and speed up current drug design and discovery.   

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Animal Behaviour

The Insights into Animal Data

Animal behaviour has been employed for centuries to asses animal health and make informed business choices to improve overall performance. With sensor technology and smart analytics, we can remotely monitor animal behaviours to enhance our decisions based on real-time information to maximise productivity and ultimately improve animal welfare.

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Livestock in a field

Livestock Management

Using Animal and Environmental data to make Critical Management Decisions

Challenges facing the livestock industry are forever growing. Producers need innovative and smarter ways of managing their livestock to optimise yield and meet ever growing demands. With remote monitoring systems combined with machine learning we can monitor animals and  the environment  to make informed decisions on management protocols.

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Farmer using advanced technology to monitor crops

Crop and Environmental Management

Crop Surveillance and Monitoring

Constant monitoring and surveillance of the environment and crops using sensor technology can help producers to optimise growing conditions. Adjusting nutrient levels to maximise yield whilst making informed business choices to reduce overall cost and increase sustainability.

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Human Health Impacts

Human Health Analytics

Using feature extraction, classification and analysis of data, we can identify biomarkers within human datasets to provide early insight into possible factors associated with disease. This can help to provide early treatment regimes, reducing social and economic impacts and improving human health. 

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