Livestock in a field
Using sensor technology and applied intelligence, researchers can assess and analyse different behaviours in animals. This data can be analysed using beyond human scale technology to detect multiple disease risks and feedback in to the farming community to improve animal management. Ultimately, improving animal health and production efficiencies, enhancing performance and increasing product yield.

Improved Animal Health

Sensor analytics can facilitate to advance our current knowledge of animal behaviours and disease.

Reduced Costs

Improved knowledge of animal health will facilitate in future management decisions and help to reduce costs associated with disease.

Safeguarding Future Stock

With improved knowledge of animal behaviours and monitoring systems, farmers can future proof their stock by enhanced understanding and business decisions.

Beyond Human Scale Analytics

Machine learning engines can provide analysis of animal data beyond our capabilities.

Time Management

Researchers can enhance our knowledge of animal health monitoring with machine learning and sensor intelligence to improve time efficiencies in farm management.

Informed Animal Management Decisions

Informed business decisions can be made with increased abilities of animal behaviour monitoring analytics with machine learning.

Sensor Deployment

Animal sensors allows for easy surveillance of animal health without the need for human intervention and can aid researchers in identifying early signs of disease.

Improved Welfare Standards

Consumers are constantly demanding higher welfare standards are met. With true AI, researchers can collect vital information on animals' behaviours indicative of their welfare and feedback to the community.

Innovative Knowledge Expansion

We can gain insights never thought possible. With feature extraction and prediction capabilities, researchers can explore deeper into animal behaviours.

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