Researcher uses machine learning/AI program to enhance human and animal research


Domain Knowledge + Artificial Intelligence + Data Science + Digitisation + Economics

Agxio has brought together a number of key ingredients to ensure unrivalled innovation across the Agriculture, Life Sciences and MedTech industries.  This translates into leading edge solutions in:

  • Digital Technology Innovation
  • Platform Innovation
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Command & Control Solutions


Artificially Intelligent Automated Machine Learning

Apollo operates beyond-human-scale performance to build optimised predictive models to solve real world problems, in dramatically quick development times. It reduces development times to days and hours from weeks and months.

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A farmer holds a tablet showing data on crop health status.


Controlled Environments Optimised with Sensor Analytics

Ceres is a complete command and control solution for total controlled environment agriculture. It interprets sensor data and displays intelligence associated with that information. It can detect risk factors against optimal ranges and automatically control and adjust the environmental conditions to optimise yields and reduce disease. It provides real-time monitoring with system and mobile alerts.

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Sensor Network Analytics

Mercury utilises advanced AI and sensor intelligence to enable producers to effectively manage key farm business components, making the best use of time and maximising on-farm profits. Mercury enables producers to improve sustainability, viability and profitability at real farm scale.

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Microbiome Analytics for Improved Animal Health and Performance

Powered by rules based analytics, GALEN can automatically ingest, analyse and display your animal’s 16s rRNA microbiome analysis, indicating potential disease factors and recommended adjustments to rectify imbalances and improve animal health and performance.  

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A Shift in Thinking

Centaur empowers producers to make real-time decisions and take effective, sustainable action to protect and maximise yields. Only a platform strategy can realise the benefits associated with edge technologies, sensors, big data, and machine learning to yield sustainable economic results.

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Drone hovering over grass filled field whilst sprayers spray the field with pesticides


Cutting Edge Drone Technology and Integrated Machine Learning

Crop yields can be significantly affected by poor plant health, disease and pests, ultimately leading to reduced harvests. Zeus deploys world-leading drone technology with applied machine learning to scout and map fields in real-time, capturing images in immense detail. Producers can monitor crops to improve plant nutrition, combat disease and target pests accurately at the source.

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Automated Image and Video Classification in Parasitology

Using image and video machine learning technologies, Chiron  automates traditional assay techniques to increase productivity, efficiency and reproducibility.

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Low-Code Stack

An Integrated Platform Built on a Series of Optimised Low-Code Engines

Our integrated platform is built on a series of proprietary, optimised low-code engines. This ensures that we can provide quick and effective solutions for a number of Use Cases. These are at the core of all of our solutions.

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