Chiron enables scientists and researchers world-wide to perform analytical tasks on parasite samples to collect real-time data to solve real-world problems. Powered by machine learning, Chiron uses image and video classification and analysis to automatically identify and calculate the number of parasite eggs within pre-determined parameters. It can then robotically detect and quantify parasite motility, generating a motility index value, all found within the scope of an automated report system to enhance both human and animal parasite disease advancements.


Chiron can automatically detect and calculate parasite egg numbers and quantify parasite motility within minutes, significantly reducing the amount of time usually required for manual inspection and analysis. 

Intelligence Applied

Chiron is powered by integrated machine learning using pre-determined models to detect and analyse images and videos, providing real-time data analysis.


Chiron employs automated models to accurately detect and analyse parasites, removing human fatigue and biases often associated with manual detection and analysis.


Chiron is adaptable to the individual user, with multiple different models embedded to ensure optimal accuracy with varying filters and configurations to optimise research conditions and meet your projects criteria.

Infinite Applications

Chiron’s principal component of image and video detection and analysis can be applied to infinite real-world problems to enable and accelerate world-leading solutions in parasitic disease.

Automated Classification

Using image and video classification, Chiron can automatically detect and quantify the number of parasite eggs and analyse parasite motility and peristalsis to produce an accurate motility index score across multiple samples.


Chiron takes the current applications to the next level, using applied AI to speed up and reduce associated fatigue.

Drug Discovery

Embedded algorithms to detect parasite motility can enhance current drug discovery pipelines, assessing and analysing various drug effects on multiple parasite samples in minutes.

Integrated Platform

Chiron can be easily integrated into current research facilities, ingesting both image and videos of parasite samples within seconds.

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