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The highest performing industries of the 21st Century require highly interconnected solutions that leverage advances in technology and the ability to adopt and adapt to innovation quickly.

The Agxio Academy was established to create an environment for individuals and institutions to collaborate on education and research for wider adoption of applied AI, data science and machine learning. We enable knowledge sharing, open marketplaces for shared innovation, and a platform of technologies for wider market adoption.

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Developments in cellular technologies, bio-engineering, robotics, data science, analytics, disease management, climate change, sustainability practices and regulation all require consumers to be educated in the latest best practices and research progress.

Machine learning, analytics, and operating-model dynamics are a few of the tools that the industry needs to understand better to enable adoption and development to be effective.

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Agxio Features

Features of the Agxio Digital Academy

The Agxio Academy is a catalyst for the future by bringing together thought leaders and industry participants to help educate, inform and challenge the barriers for success.

Horizon Scanning

Latest insights on regulatory and technological developments. Enables practitioners and policy makers to understand the impact of changes and required compliance associated with upcoming regulatory change.

Investment Intelligence

Competitive intelligence and investment trends in the life sciences. Focus on both the technology as well as financial technology opportunities - from operating model to insurance to sustainable profitability

Benchmarks & Data Monetisation

Detailed economic modelling, enterprise dynamics and enterprise value dynamics. Model farm benchmarks to optimise decision making. Reference benchmarks for yield analysis, disease management and pipeline innovations

Innovation - from UK to Global

Educational programme delivered via webinars on the latest innovations, partnered with leading research and commercial institutions. Collaboration workshops and hackathons held at our Cambridge centre to build open source knowledge repositories

Training & Knowledge Sharing

Educating the industry on the latest machine learning, data science, digital and artificial intelligence technology developments for the agricultural industry. Key areas of focus include applied AI architectures, explainable AI and workflow deployment.

Agri-FinTech Innovation

Economic research and education on latest Agri-Fintech innovations, including potential yields, controlled environments, diversification strategies, energy optimisation, insurance and commodity pricing. Commercial scale support for startups mentored by the agxio leadership team

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