Farmer looking down at a clipboard while standing in a cattle shed, while utilising data analytics to enhance animal management
Livestock management encompasses a multitude of different factors that must be considered if we are to balance optimum productivity, animal welfare and sustainability. By collecting real-time data of animal behaviours and the environment, we can apply artificial intelligence to analyse collated data to enhance livestock management decisions and create prediction models for future potential risk indicators.

Enhanced Product Yield

Machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to real-time data means farmers can track product yield and make slight adjustments to specific factors such as feed to optimise product yield.

Informed Business Decisions

Collection of real-time data with artificial analysis, allows the producers to make informed business decisions regarding animal health, environment and management protocols.

Real-Time Data

Real time data is only a click away using sensor technology. Partnered with machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can analyse this data to optimise farm management.

Safeguarding Future Stock

Prediction models powered by machine learning can help farmers to identify biomarkers and factors related to disease and adjust levels to help safeguard future stock.

Improved Animal Welfare

Constant surveillance and smart analytics of animals means farmers are provided with real-time data of their animal health and make quick nd informed decisions.

Increased Biosecurity

With drone technology capturing images of your sites and constant animal data collected, we can effectively monitor biosecurity and make necessary alterations to improve it.

Sustainable Management

With complex analytics producers can make informed decisions that are not only maximising productivity but also encompassing a sustainable approach.

Informed Medical Decisions

Reduce blanket treatments and increase targeted action with early disease identification using applied AI, increasing profit and animal welfare.

Land Management

Drone and sensor technology can capture vital information of producers lands and can assist in making informed land management decisions to optimise growth of livestock and increase animal health.

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