Microbiomes play a critical role in the health and performance of animals. Using rules-bases analytics, Agxio have created a complex platform that ingests and analyses microbiome 16s rRNA data and indicates potential disease factors and relevant changes to restore and rebalance your animal’s microbiome.

Improved Animal Health

Rules based threshold analysis means we can quickly identify microbiome disturbances and take the necessary actions to improve microbiome status and improve animal health.

Informed Nutrition Decisions

Owners can make the necessary changes to improve nutritional composition to improve health and performance based off microbiome population diversity.

Vast Research Opportunities

Microbiome manipulation can be employed for multiple industry challenges including animal production and the environment.

Enhanced Analytical Capabilities

Rules Based Analytics partnered with artificial intelligence means greater analytical powers to convert raw data in to knowledge.

Improved Animal Performance

Manipulating the microbiome of production animals can facilitate in enhancing production efficiencies by improving nutrient conversion and energy usage.

Cost Efficient

The impacts of metabolic disease on health and performance can bare a heavy financial burden. Fast microbiome analysis can alleviate this with quick diagnosis and immediate intervention.

Easily Integrated

Rules based analytic engines can easily be integrated into current methods to enhance microbiome analysis.

Environment Applications

Explore the different effects of the animal microbiome on the environment. Applied intelligence can help us ascertain information beyond our normal reach.

Rules Based Analytics

With embedded algorithms, threshold analysis allows researchers to make quick comparisons of collected data without needing to be a data scientist.

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