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Environmental sensors can be placed within growing environments to monitor conditions in real-time, reporting back to the producer with intelligent insights into crop health. Sensors are capable of analysing environments in detail and applied machine learning can enable environments to be controlled remotely and automatically. By maintaining environments at optimal conditions, crop health and growth rate increases, cutting production time and reducing inputs, and contributing to overall improved efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

Optimise the way crops are grown by utilising sensor technology and artificial intelligence to monitor and control environmental conditions intuitively and autonomously.

Control and Command Environments

Ensure maximum plant health, improved growth and increased yields through automated, real-time control and command environments with applied sensor intelligence and machine learning platforms.

Improved Resource Use

Cut back on blanket treatments of pesticides by targeting applications. Tailor nutrients directly to plant needs to ensure the efficient use of resources, while reducing farm input costs and improving production.

Reduced Crop Disease

Indoor controlled environments reduce the risk of disease from outdoor transmission while continuous sensor analysis enable real-time monitoring. This reduces disease instances and therefore, increases plant health and yields as well as reducing input costs for higher efficiency.

Enhanced Plant Health

Controlled environments enable plants to be constantly maintained in optimised growing conditions and have prodigious advantages over conventional methods, which are subject to weather, temperature, water and nutrient availability.

High-Yielding Harvests

Use of sensor analytics and applied machine learning enable command and control environments that prioritise plant health to achieve higher yields at harvest.

Economically Viable Production

Consumer demand for healthy, nutritious food such as microgreens has grown exponentially in recent years, ensuring that production is financially stable, profitable and economically viable. Indoor controlled environment farms are designed to maximise yields through creating ideal conditions for plant growth.

Effective Management Options

Machine learning platforms offer intelligent insights into management through big data and deep learning analytics. Effective management translates into higher yields, optimised production and a financially stable business.

Research Innovation

Digitalisation of farming informs world-leading research and contributes to the development of novel solutions to challenges such as increasing global populations, food security, climate change and dynamic markets.

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