A farmer makes notes on a tablet while analysing the health and growth status of plants in a vertical farm.
Growing plants in vertical farms enables the production of crops all year round and the use of indoor stacked shelves optimises space for growing, utilising significantly less land area when compared to conventional arable farming. Ideal growing conditions can be maintained through the use of in-situ sensors and applied machine learning to command and control key factors such as temperature, light, humidity and nutrient availability.

Controlled Environments with Machine Learning

Command and control growing environments automatically using applied artificial intelligence. Set optimal ranges that can be maintained constantly through sensor network analytics and data transfer through machine learning.

Smart Technology

Utilise smart sensor technology with real-time monitoring and analysis to optimise indoor growing environments by controlling conditions, ultimately improving plant health and yields.

Year-Round Harvests

Plants grown in indoor vertical farms are not subjected to conventional arable challenges such as weather, sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Growing environments are carefully tailored to plant needs enabling crops to be produced all year round.

Optimise Growing Areas

Vertical farms often utilise disused or derelict buildings and repurpose them to incorporate stacked shelves for growing crops. This optimises the use of space, meaning that large yields are produced in much smaller areas than conventional methods.

Maximise Plant Health

Sensor deployment with machine learning analytics enables automatic control and command actions to maintain optimal growing environments, resulting in reduced disease, increased plant health and faster growth.

Forward-Thinking Technology

Vertical farming is at the forefront of agriculture and has vast potential to provide real-world solutions to food security through optimising use of space and environments to produce fast growing food with fewer resources.

High Production

Nutrient solutions tailored directly to plant growth maximise growth rate performance, resulting in higher yields at harvest. Limited pesticide applications eliminate the need for blanket treatments, reducing input costs and contributing to improved farm efficiency.

Increasing Consumer Demand

Consumer calls are increasing for healthy, nutritious food that is sustainably grown. Vertical farming offers the key to achieving this through the use of forward-thinking technology that produces high yielding, environmentally conscious food.


Controlled environments are intrinsically linked to sustainable use of resources alongside the optimisation of production to produce fast growing, high yielding crops with reduced inputs.

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