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Ensuring an economically viable business that is future-proof is the key to success. Controlled environments optimise the use of resources such as water and nutrients, reducing input costs and increasing plant growth to ultimately produce high yielding crops. Sensor intelligence provides management tools to easily maintain a productive, sustainable business at real-farm scale.

Sustainable Resource Use

Plants grown in controlled environments are constantly monitored through sensor analysis, enabling the effective use of resources such as water, nutrients and pesticides.

Future Proofing

The use of sensor intelligence and applied machine learning enables controlled environments to be at the forefront of modern agriculture. Increase productivity and efficiency through artificial intelligence to ensure a sustainable, resilient business.

Food Security

Produce healthy, nutritious crops with more efficient resource use in controlled environments. Vertical farms have infinite potential to overcome future challenges to food security such as increasing global populations, climate change and sustainable resource use.

Environment Benefits

Controlled environments optimise the use of resources to improve environmental sustainability through tailored nutrient and pesticide applications, contributing to reduction in use of harsh chemicals. Hydroponic systems grow plants in nutrient rich solutions rather than soil, reducing water use significantly.

Reduced Pesticide Use

Indoor environments sidestep the challenges of outdoor transmission of plant disease, therefore reducing the need for blanket applications of pesticides. Machine learning control and command actions maintain conditions to eliminate poor plant health caused by environmental factors.

Economically Viable Businesses

Produce fast growing, high yielding crops within optimised controlled environments to maximise harvests and increase profits.

Productive Outputs

Grow crops with higher yields and improved growing times to maintain a more sustainable, productive business through optimising plant growing conditions while utilising fewer resources.

Precision Agriculture

Use machine learning and sensor analytics to offer tailored solutions to conventional challenges to plant health, disease and yield. Precisely monitor and control growing environments for effective crop management.

Research Applications

The potential applications of sustainable systems in overcoming world food security challenges are the focus point of modern research. Continually improving controlled growing methods through advanced technology contributes to increasing global knowledgebases.

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