Maintaining optimal field conditions is vital for ensuring strong crop health and ultimately high yields. IoT sensors placed in arable fields can monitor environmental factors such as soil temperature, moisture and nutrient content, and send real-time alerts if conditions change. This allows the producer to make effective management decisions to safeguard crops and ultimately enhance yields.

Sensor Monitoring and Analysis

IoT sensors can be deployed directly in the field for detailed analysis of soil health, water availability and nutrient content. This enables effective management decisions to be made in real-time to enhance yields and safeguard crops.

Applied Deep Learning

Machine learning analytics enable sensor data to be intuitively interpreted with the use of artificial intelligence. This data is ingested into innovative technology platforms to produce real-world solutions to enhance crop yields at a farm level.

Management Tools

Utilise advanced management tools that offer revolutionary insights into crop health, soil status and environmental conditions. Maintain optimal conditions with real-time sensor analysis, while pesticide and nutrient applications can be undertaken with high accuracy.

Real-Time Alerts

Sensors can monitor and analyse conditions in real-time while data is ingested into machine learning platforms in seconds. Target ranges can be set by the farmer to monitor optimal conditions via sensors and notifications are sent instantly to alert any potential problems, resulting in enhanced management.


Optimise production and gain enhanced yields through the use of sensors and applied machine learning. Improve crop growth and harvest through targeted action on nutrients and pesticides, while reducing input costs to maintain a robust, productive business.

Improved Harvests

Monitor plant growth in detail through the use of drone imagery to directly tailor nutrient applications to plant needs. Maintain optimal growing conditions through sensor analysis and real-time alerts to ultimately increase output alongside analysis of barn conditions post-harvest to safeguard produce.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Effectively manage land to maximise production by utilising advanced sensor and drone technology to monitor plant growing conditions such as soil water content, temperature and nutrient availability in detail and receive real-time alerts to any potential problems.

Disease Monitoring and Analysis

Assess likelihood of disease by monitoring environmental conditions or undertake detailed analysis of plant leaves with advanced drone imagery to detect early signs of disease. This enables fast, targeted action to eliminate disease before it becomes widespread within a crop.

Effective Resource Use

Reduce time and save costs through the use of remote, automatic sensor monitoring and analysis. Tailor nutrients to plant needs and target pesticide applications only where needed to make effective use of inputs and reduce overall costs.

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