A farmer makes notes on a tablet while analysing the health and growth status of plants in a vertical farm.
Ceres is a control and command platform that optimises growing conditions in controlled environment agriculture systems. With sensor analytics and applied machine learning, Ceres is capable of intelligently monitoring key factors that influence plant growth such as light, temperature, humidity, nutrient and water availability. Producers can set optimal ranges for growing conditions and receive real-time alerts to adjust environmental parameters if required. Crop health and growth are optimised while yields are improved to achieve high productivity and efficiency.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Ceres is designed to optimise management in controlled environment systems. The tailored platform efficiently interprets data from intelligent sensors to monitor and analyse environmental conditions in real-time.

Command and Control Systems

The platform offers innovative command and control functions that can be set to analyse and modify environmental conditions automatically by remotely activating devices, switches, fans, humidifiers and energy outputs. It can integrate with any edge devices and IoT technologies.

Optimising Growing Environments

Sensor deployment and integrated machine learning enable Ceres to continuously control and maintain environmental conditions at optimal levels for enhanced plant health and growth, resulting in higher yields and faster production.

Smart Sensor Analytics

IoT sensors can be placed directly into growing environments to intelligently monitor conditions in real-time. Data is interpreted within the Ceres platform to offer value-add insights, management options and alerts.

Precision Agriculture

Ceres incorporates precision agriculture techniques such as variable rate technology to accurately control inputs of fertiliser and pesticides. Smart sensor deployment enables efficient monitoring and interpretation of big data for efficient management.

Food Security

Innovative solutions are required to overcome global food security challenges. Ceres offers real-world solutions to growing healthy, nutritious and sustainable food in optimised environments.

Improved Crop Health and Growth

Utilise real-time, autonomous control and command functions within the Ceres platform to effortlessly maintain optimal growing conditions for improved crop health and faster growth. 

Infinitely Adaptable

Advanced sensor intelligence and applied machine learning analytics are at the core of the Ceres platform. This technology is extensively adaptable and scalable to any controlled environment application with endless potential for expansion.

Tailored Platform

The Ceres platform is specifically tailored to maximise efficiency and productivity in controlled environments. It integrates easily into any current system and is designed for practical functionality.

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