Graphic depicting the building blocks behind the Agxio Low Code Stack.
Our integrated platform is designed and built to optimise rapid development and deployment. It consists of 4 key architectural design components. First, a data architecture that enables the ingestion of any data sources, including complex signals from IoT devices, drones and 3rd party data sources. Second, automated machine learning robots that are able to build complex predictive models from any data; numerical, textual and/or imagery. Third, a range of engines that build specific use cases associated with those models. Finally, a command centre and user interface to elegantly present complex data and analytics in a highly visual manner.

Low Code Components

Proprietary low code architecture and components to deliver custom applications in an elegant user interface

Analytics & Data Science

State of the art analytics and data science functionality. Extensible to integrate any 3rd party API and functional modules

AI & Machine Learning

Automated machine learning with proprietary data intelligence scanning. Ability to build and optimise models automatically. Integrated sandbox for use by domain specialists to explore their data

Future Proof

Best in class award winning architecture components - including start of the art React, Python, GraphQL technologies


Can be hosted on any private or public cloud with scale only dependent on deployment strategy and resources allocated

Intuitive Workflow Design

All applications and architecture components are designed to be intuitive - and follow a natural workflow design approach based on Behavioural Analytics

Data Rich Architecture

Integration and ability to scrape 3rd party data sources as well as embed proprietary metrics and impact analytics

Open Architecture

All applications are available on an open license basis - including core and mobile deployment enabling users to extend architecture for specialised or IP applications

App Store

Open app store for extensibility and commercialisation which facilitates targeted app development and the commercialisation of this to the appropriate audience

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