Drug discovery is at a critical point across many major pathogens, with increasing resistance and risk of disease. Using both machine learning and complex data analysis, we can accurately extract important features and generate valid prediction models to generate strong leads on potential new drugs. This can enhance current drug discovery beyond human scale analysis.

Challenge Resistance

With applied AI we can begin to challenge the ever-growing concern of drug resistance.

Endless Research Opportunities

Research opportunities are endless within drug discovery with applied AI and complex data analytics.

Improved Animal Welfare

Enhancing drug discovery pipelines with machine learning will assist advancing current knowledge of parasites in animals. We can take this newly ascertained information and input measures to improve animal welfare.

Automated Classification

Reduce human bias and fatigue with automated classification of parasite image and videos.


True AI can work at speeds beyond human capabilities, delivering complex analytics of data within minutes.


Users do not have to be experts in machine leaning, data science or programming. Agxio’s platforms were built to be intuitive to domain specialists.

Enhanced Medical Insights

Expand our knowledge base of current targeted biomarkers and enhance treatment, ultimately improving health and wellbeing.

Infinitely Extensible

Future-Proofing your business, we have an open architecture that enables all current and future point solutions to integrate into our architecture.

Targeted Action

Identify biomarkers and potential compounds through feature extraction and machine learning to reduce blanket treatments and increase use of targeted action on disease and drug efficacy.

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