A professional holds the vast potential of artificial intelligence in their hand.
Sensor technology is endlessly scalable and has the potential to be adapted to a wide range of farming applications. Sensors can be deployed at a real farm-scale, exporting data efficiently and autonomously. This data can be intelligently interpreted by machine learning algorithms to give discerning insights with value-add for the farmer.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent sensors can be deployed within infinite agricultural applications, enabling automatic data exchange to machine learning platforms through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Machine Learning Analytics

Deep learning technology can interpret data from sensors placed on a farm to offer real scale solutions to challenges such as plant and animal health, nutrient management, environmental monitoring or financial decisions.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

Sensors can be placed directly in environments such as fields and livestock buildings to continuously monitor conditions in real-time, giving detailed insights through machine learning platforms.

Farm-Scale Solutions

Deployment of sensors is applicable to conventional challenges such as crop health and yield improvement at a real-farm scale. Producers do not have to be experts in the field to gain value-add insights into enhanced farm management.

Efficient Decision Making

Real-time monitoring with applied sensor intelligence allows farmers to make timely, effective decisions to safeguard factors such as crop and animal health, while reducing inputs and costs.

Improved Livestock Performance

Sensor applications for livestock are infinitely extensible and are capable of monitoring environmental conditions in fields and buildings alongside assessing animal health and behaviour through GPS collars and tags for improved livestock management.

Increased Yields

Enhance crop yields through sensor deployment in arable fields to monitor and analyse factors such as weather conditions, growing environment, nutrient and water availability for informed management to achieve maximum harvests.

Environmental Sustainability

Improve sustainability through the deployment of environmental sensors to monitor soil health, air and water quality on farms to ultimately enhance the environmental quality of farmland.

Endless Application Potential

Sensor technology is uniquely scalable for expansion and can be adapted to any current platform or agricultural application to provide real-world, innovative solutions.

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