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Behaviour is highly indicative of an animal’s health and consequently their performance. By using sensor intelligence and deep learning, we can monitor animal behaviours using both animal and non-animal mounted technology. We can then analyse the collated data to make informed business decisions to improve animal health and ultimately enhance performance and production efficiencies.

Optimised Yield

Applied artificial intelligence enhances the producer's abilities to make informed decisions on environmental and management protocols based on animal behaviours, ultimately improving product yield.

Maximised Productivity

Enhancing animal behaviour analysis allows the producer to have real-time data, which means slight adjustments can be constantly made to maximise productivity whilst reducing costs.

Improved Animal Welfare

Constant surveillance of animals increases the chance of early identification of disease or breeches of biosecurity within the herd. Then necessary intervention or treatment can be administered, increasing overall animal health

Informed Business Decisions

Collection of real-time data with artificial analysis, allows the producers to make informed business decisions regarding animal health, environment and management protocols.

Real-Time Data 

Real time data is only a click away using sensor technology. Partnered with machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can analyse this data to optimise farm management.

Reduced Costs

Constant monitoring will enable producers to observe behaviours indicative of early onset of disease within an individual or herd, resulting in early treatment interventions, and ultimately reduced loss of life.

Smart Sensor Deployment

Sensors provide constant real time data of animal behaviours and environmental conditions which when analysed, provides insightful information into the current health status and suggest corrective measures.

Enlightened Husbandry

Improve current husbandry techniques such as housing and human contact by exploiting and analysing real-time data to identify optimum conditions for maximum productivity and welfare.

Improved Time Management

Reduce the need for human observation and interaction with livestock with smart sensors to collect and analyse both animal and environmental data and alert producers of when intervention is required.

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