Financial data overlaid onto an image of corn crops
Effective economic management is the key to a successful and viable farm business. Applied agri fintech and machine learning analytics enable producers to actively undertake risk management on farms, ensuring that businesses are future-proofed and sustainable. Intelligent sensor analytics enable farmers to monitor arable land and livestock health in real-time, ensuring that any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent Economics

Utilise applied machine-learning and artificial intelligence for effective long-term economic management to guarantee a productive business that is stable and sustainable.

Effective Decision Making

Artificial intelligence and sensor deployment allow farmers to view data and gain added insights into farm management to enable better decision making to establish an economically viable, profitable business.

Business Future Proofing

Safeguard the future of agricultural businesses through applied deep learning and sensor technology that give intelligent solutions to modern day problems.

Agricultural Financial Technology

Overcome financial challenges by utilising machine learning to analyse and optimise on-farm risk management. Minimise input costs by targeting fertiliser and pesticide applications while improving yields through maintaining optimal growing environments.

Horizon Scanning

At the forefront of modern agriculture, applied sensor intelligence and machine learning allow the early detection of risk factors such as poor plant or animal health, allowing the farmer to take action before the situation becomes acute.

Farm Management Tools

Effective farm management and economic decisions ensure a productive, robust business that is capable of adapting to dynamic agricultural markets, changing climate and consumer demands.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is the key to successful farm economics and applied machine learning allows the farmer to take a holistic approach to leveraging farm finance, investment, production and changing climates, ultimately strengthening resilience.

Deep Learning

Sensor analytics and applied machine learning enable the perceptive interpretation of farm data to offer intelligent solutions to financial challenges.

Improved Production

Make effective economic decisions to optimise production through real-time sensor monitoring and analytics. Reduce input costs through rapid, targeted action on plant and animal health to ensure maximum performance.

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