GALEN is a microbiome sequencing analytics engine propelled by an automated, rules-based analysis of any combination of biomarkers against target ranges. It can then identify potential disease factors and indicates preventative or corrective measures all within the scope of an automated report system to improve individual human health or animal’s health and performance.


GALEN reduces total microbiome analysis and result writing formulating from 4-6 weeks down to 24-48 hours.

Adaptable and Flexible

GALEN is underpinned by rules-based analysis, allowing users to compose and modify their own rule logic, to allow for ever changing discoveries and breakthroughs in microbiome scientific knowledge.

Audit Trail

GALEN's extensive library and storage capacity allows for a consistent and reliable audit trail of your patient’s microbiome analysis and information

User Friendly

GALEN is built upon ensuring an efficient workflow logic to always ensure easy upload and retrieval of data.

Microbiome Snapshot

GALEN will automatically generate a phylogenetic tree of your data to show you a snapshot of your microbiome analysis, allowing for quick comparison of species abundance across multiple samples within seconds.

Easily integrated

GALEN can ingest any csv data file that has been processed and analysed through MiSeq and Illumina, making it easily integrated into multiple commercial environments.

Vast Research and Commercial Applications

GALEN’s core component of microbiome analysis can be applied to countless real-world problems to accelerate world-leading solutions within the agricultural, human and environmental sectors.

Automated Reporting System

Results are generated within seconds within an easy report style document, managed and stored within an online library database for easy retrieval.

Enhanced Nutritional Management

Rules based analysis of microbiome data allows for enhanced nutritional management of your animal for improved health and performance.

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