Researcher uses machine learning/AI program to enhance human and animal research


Innovative Research

Research is the foundation of many existing policies, practises and procedures within land and crop monitoring, health and disease analytics. Numerous methods and procedures are critical to exploring new techniques and thought leading innovations which could potentially lead to ground-breaking discoveries that shift our perceptionsimproving agricultural monitoring and management. 

Researcher sat in a laboratory using a Apollo to run machine learning models and algorithms to tackle big data analytics

Crop Disease Management

Crop Disease Monitoring and Analytics

Identifying early risk indicators using sensor intelligence, and field analytics can help to detect and predict conditions that increase chance of disease. This can help to reduce economic strain and frustration by identifying optimal spraying times, fertilisations, and slurry distributions to maximise efficiency and sustainability.

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Farmer looking down at a clipboard while standing in a cattle shed, while utilising data analytics to enhance animal management

Animal Health Management

Animal Health Monitoring and Analytics

Monitoring animal health is critical in livestock farming to ensure good welfare is maintained which ultimately, effects performance and production efficiencies. With remote surveillance including sensor technology, we can accurately and remotely monitor animal movements and behaviours to continuously assess animal health to improve production efficiencies, enhance performance and improve sustainability.

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Disease Analytics & Prediction

Disease Analytics

Disease causes major disruption, impacting product yield and performance, and sustainability. Through applied intelligence and data analytics, we can identify potential targets as risk of disease and make the necessary adjustments to reduce the chance of disease and initiate appropriate intervention post onset of disease.

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Researcher dressed in a lab coat and mask, touching virtual, holographic images of human body analytics

Human Health Impacts

Human Health Analytics

Using feature extraction, classification and analysis, we can identify disease associated biomarkers to gain insight into possible factors associated and correlated with disease. Leading to timely diagnosis and treatment intervention and enhancing our knowledge of the human body.

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Drone hovering over grass filled field whilst sprayers spray the field with pesticides

Environmental Management

Environmental Monitoring and Management

The environment is constantly causing farmers to face unpredictable challenges which, without notice, can cause major disruption to harvest productions and yields. By automating the process of environment surveillance, we can accurately monitor conditions in real-time to help producers make informed decisions on management programmes across multiple different environments. 

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Robotic hand reaching out of laptop screen whilst a person is typing on the laptop

Agri-Financial Technology

Efficient Financing

Considering funding for costs is an important decision as well as due consideration for revenue and aspects such as forward pricing to ensure sustainability.

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Professional pointing to various elements involved in regulation compliance.

Policy & Regulation

Policy is Constantly Changing

Using machine learning and artificial learning, we can constantly expand and deepen our knowledge of current policies and regulations supported by current and thought-leading science. This enhances our ability to make informed choices to progress sustainability, animal welfare and production regulations that benefit farmers, researchers and consumers

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