Business News Wales: Futureproofing the Farming Sector through Innovation

By: agxio | 28 Jul 2021

Business News Wales recently interviewed Richard Steele, CTO of Agxio, about his industry vision for agri-tech innovation.

The interview highlighted the vast potential for technology in futureproofing the agricultural sector across Wales through the use of applied artificial intelligence, novel machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Operating across the supply chain in both traditional and controlled environment agriculture, Agxio’s technology suite can be utilised to enhance management decisions and improve business profitability.

Agxio are currently working with Farming Connect to ingest data from an IoT sensor network deployed across eighteen demonstration farms throughout Wales. The project aims to capture valuable farm data to monitor environmental conditions to enhance decision-making in nutrient management, livestock health and crop production. As part of the project, novel drone technology is being deployed to improve grassland management through the use of detailed image capture and analysis of grass growth.

The requirement for cost-effective technology adoption and commercial return for farmers was emphasised during the interview, applicable to both traditional farming and controlled environment agriculture. Adoption of vertical farming has recently risen across Wales and Agxio have developed technology to provide industry solutions to production, efficiency and sustainability through working on a number of commercial and public sector projects in this area.

Alongside agriculture, Agxio have expanded into the biosciences and have a range of projects focused on animal health and medtech. Sustainable policy objectives and adaption to climate change have also been the focus of the innovative technology, with a goal to drive change within the industry through improved resource use, energy efficiency and production.

Follow the link below for the full article and to listen to the interview:
Business News Wales: Futureproofing the Farming Sector through Innovation

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