Agxio announces certification as a service provider for Oxford Nanopore Technologies

By: agxio | 08 Sep 2023

Agxio is delighted to announce its recent certification as a service provider for Oxford Nanopore Technologies. The Oxford Nanopore GridION platform is renowned for its high-throughput DNA sequencing capabilities, enabling researchers to obtain real-time, long-read sequencing data with exceptional accuracy. To obtain certification, multiple protocols in both RNA and DNA sequencing had to be completed above a stringent standard.

With this new capability, Agxio is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for genomic research services across various fields, including but not limited to, DNA and RNA whole genome sequencing, microbiome analytics and parasitology. The company’s wide range of services will allow researchers access to fast and timely results which can be applied to a range of real-world problems.

Alongside Agxio’s extensive laboratory services, there is also the opportunity to combine these services with its artificial intelligence and wider data analytics platforms to provide full end-to-end services. This combination of capabilities will further accelerate vital research in areas such as drug discovery and anti-microbial resistance.

Dr Stephen Christie, Agxio CEO, said: “I am delighted in this advancement in Agxio’s biotech innovation facilities – further strengthening the company’s ability to curate data for bioinformatic advances in animal and human health and performance applications. The laboratory and the relationship with Oxford Nanopore is a significant asset for UK and global innovation.”

For inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to learn more about Agxio’s Oxford Nanopore GridION services, please contact Lead Bioscientist Chloe Hazell at

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