Farmer-led Research Disproves Red Clover Fears on Sheep Fertility

By: agxio | 02 Apr 2022

A group of four farmers, working with ADAS, are leading research to explore the effects of grazing ewes on herbal lays containing red clover. Previously, the nitrogen fixating legume was thought to impact negatively on fertility within ewes. The researchers initially set out to prove no effect of the legume and have in fact proved it to be beneficial to ewe fertility. Ewes mated on red clover containing pastures scanned at 181% compared to the control control group at 170%. It is the aim that this new discovery will help aid farmers to be less fearful of the legume which constantly helps the environment with its nitrogen fixing qualities.

For more information on the grant, follow the link below:
Farming UK: Farmer-led research disproves red clover fears on sheep fertility

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