Harvesting continual improvement in Agxio’s experimental container grow room

By: agxio | 27 Apr 2023

Springtime has arrived and the fields are coming alive but in our experimental grow room the perfect growing conditions are provided all year round. Powered by the state-of-the-art Ceres automated environment platform from Agxio, it has been maintaining optimal conditions for growing a fine variety of salad and microgreen crops which are ready to be harvested in as little as ten days.

Established in summer 2022, the grow room’s home is inside a former shipping container. By creating flexible and sustainable growing spaces from repurposed containers, grow rooms can be transported and established in a variety of locations from, restaurants and caterers to schools and community centres, providing cost-effective solutions for a wide range of smaller-scale needs.

The container-based grow room provides us the perfect environment to enhance current Ceres’ capabilities and to develop the next iteration. Our applied AI with Agxio’s ‘smart sensor’ technology enables automated ‘command & control’ for perfect growing conditions, improving both plant health and yields.

Growing crops with clear results has also brought much pleasure for the team and it has become a great demonstration site for all things agtech that we do here at Agxio. With Ceres’ ability to speed up, slow down or maintain the development of crops to meet demand, every day is the perfect day to go planting, harvesting and eating.


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